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Stop the Steal of Tax Profiles

Select the eFiling Register Overview to view what the status of your taxpayer clients are on your SARS e-Filing profile. This screen will show taxpayers not connected to your SARS profile in orange. The screen below will also not show SARS Profiles.
Stop the Steal of Tax Profiles

Select Profile

Click on the select profile area to select the practioner profile you want to work with.

Set Filter

Set the filters to list the clients you want. i.e. Year end, Partner, Manager.

Taxpayer Status

Click and select from Queued, Failed or Success


Check the check box to show only unregistered taxpayers on the practioner profile selected. All orange lines will display. If a record goes orange it may be  a resigned client which must be marked as resigned in the Master Client file. Those that are not resigned could very well be highjacked taxpayers.

Orange Line

The orange line indicates a taxpayer that is not conected to the SARS eFiling Profile which should be investigated.