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Sky Time Project

The core of Sky Time is setting up a project . Every client must have at least one project set up before you can start recording time. A client may have multiple projects for example a secretarial project , an auditing project , a tax project etc, or one project that can be utilised for all charges. By making use of job codes or task codes the system will be able to differentiate the different kinds of work and who did the work.
By working on a Project basis the system allows time to be captured accurately in real time.
On the screen below if you look at the left hand panel you will see that Fast Paper  is highlighted and on the right we have details of the project. We created a project by clicking on the new icon.  A project name will automatically be allocated by the system based on the matter selected. You may also select a ref  and sector code for projects to differentiate between cost centres or branches.
Project name and Matter
In order to create a project click on a client on the left hand side and click on a the new icon.  Then select a wip year, a matter and a sector if required.  The project name will automatically be inserted into the project name area.  Underneath that we can detail a  description of what the project is.  In the screen below you will see that there has been no resource allocation and we are in the process of selecting an available matter.
Resource Allocation
We would now need to click on the new button to the left of the words resource allocation. Click on the area provided and a list of all the employees will display, we can then scroll down to find the employee that we want to allocate that employee to the project.  When the  employee is selected, units under the budget column must be inserted and based on the rates of that employee this will automatically calculate the amount. 
Once the employees have been allocated the system will calculate a budget and in order to save the budget, click on the green tick on the top of the page and the calculation will be done as on the screen below where we have a project ready to receive time sheet entries and disbursements.
This now completes the setting up of the project and as the time is allocated into the project the system will automatically give you the difference between budget and actual.
Where a resource has not been allocated
There is however a situation which may arise during the progression of a particular job in that an employee charges time who was not originally allocated to the project. In this instance one needs to allocate a blank line record as a resource as is indicated on the screen below. This means that any employee can allocate time to the job.
Charge Allocation
One can allocate a charge allocation for different types of jobs like cash and debtors as shown below as part of the budget.
Budget Warning
There is a checkbox at the bottom of the page which if ticked together with a percentage margin will indicate that the budget that you have entered has been consumed.