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Sky Sec CIPC Tab

Accfin software has great pleasure in launching the new facility of the CIPC Data Download from the CIPC so that you can compare it with your own data in Sky Secretarial.
SELECT the menu options as indicated above. The Overview will give the user all the data about a particular company with pivot tables. See all the links to directors, members and shareholders and the other way around.
After selecting Overview click the CIPC Data tab as indicated below.
Click  the Download CIPC Data on the screen below and if the company name and registration number is valid the data will come down as shown below.  To see all the data scroll down.
After scroll down you will get further information.
On the directors tab after the download has taken place click on the View CIPC Directors and the directors connected window will open showing will show all the directors in that particular company.
Please note we have not implemented the update ledger option at this stage as we require feedback.
In order to see all the companies connected to an individual director click the director you want and then click on Show CIPC Directors and a box will open showing all the companies that are  linked to the director highlighted.
In conclusion this facility will allow secretarial departments to tidy up all the links for their director clients and obtain the directors interests in other companies with one click.
As its early days for this facility your suggestions are welcome.