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Help and User guide

Setting Up Your SARS Profile

Steps to follow when setting up your profile:
1.    Go to Tax>>>Setup>>>SARS Profile
2.    Switch to detail view, and on the new icon to create a new record, enter your details.
3.    Click on  Profile clients, then at the bottom you will find Sync with Server click on it to get the Application Key. The system will bring through the tax numbers linked to that profile you have just setup
4.    You can hit the Retrieve Demographics button if there is returns available on the website, the system will create a record in masters for you Only for Individuals.
5.    Click on Master Client next to profile clients and Update Statuses.
6.    Good to go with retrieval and submissions of returns.
To change your password is it fine if I can show you when you come back to the office or maybe talk you through over the phone?