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SARS Connection

The screen below shows the connection of SKY Tax with e-Filing.  You will see a list of taxpayers and you will be see what aspect has been registered with the SARS e-Filing system.  If you look at the column that says Taxpayer status you will see the word success then the next PTAX Status and return status you will have the words ACT for activated.  If  any of these records say failed for any reason that a taxpayer cannot be connected, click on the response button and you will see the reason.
It is most important that before you continue with any e-Filing aspects that you make sure that you have registered your clients with  SARS e-Filing.
If you already have a profile set up then it is a simple matter to connect your profile with SKY.  Notice that on the top you have an ability to select the profile that you want on the Select Profile area.