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Retrieve IT12 in Bulk

Before you can commence with any tax return production it is necessary to do a tax return retrieval. This option will allow you to retrieve all the IRP5 ’s on the SARS e-Filing system which are loaded automatically into the SKY TAX System as well as all the demographic data.
The demograpic data downloaded from SARS does not overwrite the demographic data in the Client File. Select the retrieve icon under the IT12 menu and a list of all the taxpayers available will be downloaded. You can either do them globally or  one by one making use of the single client selection filter.       
Once you have performed the retrieval it is then necessary  to go and have a look at the data downloaded in the IT12 part of the program. In the same line as the IT12 menu you will see an icon for e-Filing. The screen below will open to give you a history of all the e-Filing activity that has taken place as shown below.
If there is a failure of a retrieval  and you click on the response button you will obtain an error message which will hellp guide you to determine what  the problem is.
Updated 26 August 2016