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IT12 Income

When you click on the income tab the following screen will display.  The screen below has the IRP5 button highlighted and this will show the inputs for the various IRP 5's, you can have multiple IRP 5 ’s and using the arrow heads on the top right of the screen below you can scroll between them.
All the income tabs are displayed on the left hand side and in this manual we will deal with some of them. It is only necessary to click on the button that you require in order to display the necessary screen.
In order to create a record you need to click on the new icon on the top , just above the IRP5 income button and then enter all the client detail and then if you want to add line items to the IRP5 you should click on the new button with a little green plus sign on the left of the source code.  . The delete button which is a red X on the right hand side  will  delete the line you are on.
31 January 2022