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Changes to ITR12 2021

1.     Donations section now has a field for donations to the solidarity fund. Code 4055
A new source code will be added to the system for this. There is already one in the system to capture it on the irp5.
Any amount captured on the IRP5 will be reflected on the other deductions page and you can capture any additional donations there. It will be totaled and submitted as one figure. At least one record must have a PBO number on it.
2.     New question on the wizard section
The system already has a question for this on the General Info Tab that we use in the calculation of other sections. You also can fill in the number of days outside of SA here.
The system will populate this question on the XML (code we send SARS on filing) from the input of this screen.
3.     All reference to cryptocurrency is changed to crypto assets.
These 2 source codes’ descriptions will be changed
4.     Local interest section has a new question
It will only display if you marked not being a resident.                                                                   
 This question will be filled in based on the input on general info(see point 2) There are also 2 new fields on the interest section as followsThe first field will only show if you have ticked the new question.
The new fields have been added to the top on the investment income screen as it is not per line item. The system will check if the number of days is more than 182 as per the screen in point 2 before allowing the s10 exemption.
5.     REIT income description now includes the text “taxable dividend income” also on the trust distribution section.              
Source code 4238 already had the correct wording
6.     Additional section under business income
The local business->additional info section now has this field
7.     If claiming medical aid contributions where you are not the main member you now have to specify the main member details
The fields have been added to the medical contributions screen
8.     Medical contributions by former employee has been moved out of the individual section and moved to a new section
This is a only a change in the XML we send to SARS.